Refresh and recharge with our indoor and outdoor pools. Read your favorite book, watching the sunset, take everlasting photos, or have quality time with your family. While enjoying our variety of pools, make sure to try our seasonal cocktails for a refreshing break.

The Activity Pool has a depth of 1.40 meters and a width of 630 m2 is located on the Peninsula.

The Main Pool has a depth of 1.50 meters and a width of 622 m2, serves as heated pool during the off-season and is in front of the main building.

The Indoor Pool, with a depth of 1.50 meters and a width of 222 m2, is heated during the off-season and on the ground floor of the main building.

Aqua slides with various depths ranging from 1.20 meters, 1.65 meters and 1.35 meters and with various widths ranging from 210 m2, are located on the Peninsula.

There are also two kids’ pools with 25 centimeter depth and a 340 m2 width, are located on the Peninsula.